Vasilis Christou

Passionate Photographer and Photo editor

About Me

That’s me Vasilis Christou, an Amsterdam based photographer and photo editor. People say that in these lines I am supposed to write something meaningful about myself. Well, I will not try to evoke your interest with the impressive story about me and the white bear in the wildlife. But let me describe you, my dear, the impressive connection between me and the art of photography.

Becoming a photographer was a quite easy decision for me, or I could better say that photography chose me. Pictures and stories dance in my mind every moment and I have decided to narrate them not by using words, which could fly way, but by creating unique and unrepeatable shoots, which can live in eternity. Do you have any story that should last forever? Don’t hesitate to contact me!

Before saying ‘’bye’’, I will share with you my philosophy as a photographer: ‘’In a world full of walls,
I have the desire to build bridges via my camera’’. I hope these bridges to bring me in contact with you one day.

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